Textile trails: A walk through the craft landscape of India

India’s indigenous weaves have drawn interest globally. The recent National Handloom Day, celebrated country wide on August 7, saw leading fashion experts talk about going beyond one specific day for handloom products and celebrate these crafts year long. The spread today abides by this ideology and brings trails that allow an insight into the many intricate weaves of our country. Many regions of our country have a distinct weave that’s meticulously woven on a handloom.

From Ikat, to Kalamkari, to Kanchupuram, to Gadwal and Mangalagiri, each textile brings alive a story of art which has lived through generations. A visit to a loom is a visual treat; it lets you interact with and watch the craftsmen work. You can club your visit to a region that house a loom with other spots of historic value to develop a wholesome understanding of culture and tradition.

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